Aloha! My name is Bella and I live in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. I have three great loves in my life: my husband, the great outdoors, and EATING. That last one is why I started this blog. Somewhere in my distant past, my adoration of food - I mean really good food - led me to cooking. Which I also love. Almost as much as I love eating. (Is that four things?)
My favorite days are ones spent surfing, catching as many waves as I can before my arms turn into exhausted noodles (mmm...noodles), and then returning to my cozy little home in the jungle, contentedly passing the rest of the afternoon trying out and creating new recipes.
I’m so grateful for the abundance of local ingredients here, and use them as much as possible. I’ve learned that fresh goes hand-in-hand with mouth-watering food. And that supporting local farmers and agriculture can make a world of difference.
My recipes utilize lots of whole ingredients, which sustains my active and healthy lifestyle.  I tend to focus on food from scratch, and refuse to buy packaged foods that have ingredients I can't pronounce.  But don't worry, you'll also find the occasional (*cough cough*...frequent) food indulgence here and there - you gotta have some balance, right? Almost everything you’ll find in this blog is gluten free, a happy side effect of cooking for a gluten intolerant husband. I don't claim to be the greatest cook in the world (far from it in fact), but I do wish to share my love of food, and in the process hopefully inspire you to create something pretty darn tasty.

About the Name: Sea Salted Sunshine...kind of a tongue twister, eh? Yet those two things - sea salt and sunshine - are so important to me. My life here in Hawaii is literally surrounded by an ocean of sea salt. I am borderline obsessed with playing in the water and being kissed by sunshine every day. And of course, a sprinkle of sea salt brings vibrance to practically every dish that I make. My goal is for my food to taste how my life feels - happy, bright, and perhaps a little bit salty